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  1. I cannot get the monitor to recognize that I have inserted the capnography analyzer water trap. I would appreciate help in trouble shooting the problem.
    Nancy Sweeney

    • Hi Nancy,
      It is important to make sure the water trap on your capnography patient monitor is properly installed. The first thing you should do is try to install a different water trap to eliminate the possibility that the water trap itself is faulty. Secondly, when installing the water trap on the Ngenuity monitor, make sure you hear or feel it click into place while pressing securely on the bottom portion of the water trap. One other thing you can do to troubleshoot the CO2 unit on the patient monitor is to remove the water trap from the patient monitor and press in the tiny switch located behind the water trap. If the error goes away,then the water trap is not making a good connection with the switch and I can offer you a few suggestions to resolve this. If it does not, then you will want to contact Criticare technical support. Hope this helps….. Rose

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